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Moved material here for historical reasons:

Problems with LausanneLiveCD_rc1

  • LIDAR Stuff missing (now in 6.2 release branch, maybe few fixes needed; LIDAR data has MN)
  • data for workshops missing
  • some QGIS header-files are missing in /usr/include/qgis
  • KNOPPIX Info screen (index.html) at the beginning still supports to many languages, not yet adopted to LausanneLiveCD
  • landcover vector map in spearfish is broken at least for QGIS, in GRASS it works.
  • VTK/Paraview for the 3D workshop in Lausanne is missing
  • terraview is missing
  • Permissions of .grassrc6 are wrong (need change to knoppix:knoppix)
  • sqlitebrowser missing
  • pgadmin3 missing
  • remove of OpenOffice2 -> all presentation need to be in PDF!!
  • All presentations are missing. :
    • Workshop material has to be uploaded to the conference server by 1st Sept.
    • Presentations should be better uploaded through, the Indico system (login -> My Contributions -> Choose a contribution -> Submit material)

Problems with LausanneLiveCD_rc2

  • ODBC packages (unixodbc, unixodbc-devel, unixodbc-bin, libmyodbc) are missing
  • Server-starts on Desktop do not work
  • Postgresql-database renamed from grass to spearfish
  • grass vector modules are not working (gdal lib problem) (install own-build gdal/gdal-grass instead of sid-ones).
  • the fullscreen mode of xpdf does not work properly (SH: we should use kpdf, which provides a nice presentation-mode)

Problems with LausanneLiveCD_rc3

  • OpenOffice-button still in KDE-panel
  • include new R-stuff from CRAN and recompile against gdal-1.3.2
  • include
  • add QGIS-shapes for qgis-beginners-ws
  • remove stuttgart.tar
  • add ipw2200 Firmware
  • change desktop link accordingly to the used GRASS-version

Problems with LausanneLiveCD_rc4

  • add Roger Bivands Location for GRASS R WS
  • correct Helenas PROJ_INFO
  • update Paolos presentation
  • Add Massimos dataset.

power-packed FOSS4G/OSGEO CD for the participants

  • idea from Venkatesh: provide a power-packed FOSS4G/OSGEO CD to the participants and maybe keep a few CD-RW equipped machines so that people could burn their own CD at the Conference venue. This is particularly use to participants from countries where internet bandwidth is narrow. The FOSS4G CD might be a good (release) candidate for the FOSS4G/OSGEO CD if it could be further tested, polished and improved upon.
  • FOSS4G Toolkit ISO-Image can be downloaded from