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re CMS for Grass I saw the other day and thought
it looked good for our 'portal' front page needs. Aesthics are not
too austere flat text like trac wiki, not too blog or wiki like
either. Actually it uses PmWiki but the visitors don't know that,
the login button is very subtle. and they kept notes!
convert html -> pmwiki

It's stored on disk in flat files (ie you can ues unix command
line power tools to bulk maintain pages) so easy to mirror and
perhaps even keep in SVN if we wanted. It seems to me that
the home-portal doesn't really need to run more than about a
dozen pages of content- it's just a front end reception service.
No idea about RSS support, but we can't be the first folks to
think about it [LyX does that, find out how].
Again, https logins and reuse of osgeo ids+ access groups would
be a bonus.