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Pietro Zambelli is ph.D. student of University of Trento, in April 2012 proposed a GSoC on High level map interaction .


  • Write email about GRASS8 and HDF5
  • Try to move GRASS from SVN to GIT using SubGit
  • Rewrite pygrass.vector, split primary from topological features
  • start porting GRASS to python3
  • waiting ipython 4.0 to implement ipython interfaces and facilities for GRASS, see the ipython roadmap.
  • Remove RasterNumpy class
  • Go on to implement the raster interface with Cython and do a benchmark
  • try to substitute the make system with Meson
  • i.segment add auto find threshold if given some draw segments
  • add the sphinx numpydoc extension to remove/hide docstring characters and output from the doc, to make easier to copy and paste.
 could be great have also a live terminal such as in sympy with a
  • split the sphinx doc in sub-documents.