GRASS GIS contributors meetings in San Michele/February 2016

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15-20 February 2016


Community stuff:

Time-based task:

  • Wed morning - GIS.lab (Markus, Luca, Ludka, Martin, ...)
  • Fri morning - OSM data -> Vector network analysis with turntable (Markus, Luca, Stepan, ...)


  • discuss and ideally activate new raster compression scheme in "trunk" (trac #2750)
    • code: lib/raster/init.c, line 124
    • Plan:
      • Idea: Null data be DEFLATE compressed by default: hence, if GRASS_COMPRESS_NULLS=1 or not defined at all. So, if the user sets GRASS_COMPRESS_NULLS to anything else than 1, Null data will not be compressed.
      • Note: Backward NULL file compression compatibility could be implemented in relbranch70 only by ZLIB's DEFLATE (see Hence ZLIB may qualify for the default NULL compression algorithm.



  • Kickstart of GRASS with LatLong predefined, open import wizard | switch projection



Web CMS:

  • discuss CMS migration to Wordpress

OSM data -> Vector network analysis with turntable

  • Add turntable support for OSM data
  • discuss: How the whole solution should look like?


  • Update include/Make to reflect Addons with libs

Participants and reports




  • Various Graphical Modeler improvements (collaboration with Ludmila) - trac #2782, trac #2904
  • Vagrant improvements
  • Various wxGUI improvements and fixes
  • Element name issue (3d-raster to raster_3d)
  • wxGUI data catalog fixes and improvements (copy, rename, delete maps)
  • Fix wxGUI addons handling (when addons contains more commands)
  • Fix g.extension compilation of addons
  • winGRASS: switch to GDAL 2.0
  • Logs overview



  • WxGUI Graphical Modeler GRASS GIS user manual page improvements related to model properties settings, metadata settings, variable variables usage, particular model performation, etc. and also working on better figure resolution to have clickable images (created draft, will be published in next few days)
  • using wxGUI Graphical Modeler to create model to perform average statistics for zipcode zones using North Carolina sample dataset in order to enable this model to GRASS users to get hands-on experience in wxGUI Graphical Modeler according to manual
  • installation of GIS.lab unit machine in FEM; process from basic operating system installation, GIS.lab unit initialization, GIS.lab installation to sample illustration and intro to physical client customization
  • wxGUI Graphical Modeler bug hunting and multilateral cooperation with Martin Landa


  • worked on modification of db library to allow proper work with 64bit integers (not yet commited needs discussion)
  • created init version of module r67912 by turek
  • created draft (not yet commited) of v.db.category module to build category crosstable between two layers
  • worked on worflow OSM data -> GRASS ->* analyses with turntable


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