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* Wiki [[Help]] (how to edit pages after registration)
* Wiki [[Help]] (how to edit pages after registration)

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This page is in progress of translating to Bahasa Indonesia.


Kebanyakan tutorial dan contoh akan menggunakan sampel dataset Spearfish County, SD. Contoh baru juga akan didasarkan pada OSGeo Educational Dataset (North Carolina, USA)


Frequently Asked Questions

First Day Documentation

Short tutorials


Individual modules

  • Synopsis of GRASS modules (PDF, 71k)
    Create current list with "make html2pdfdoc" or "cd tools; ./module_synopsis.sh" in GRASS 6.3+
  • All GRASS module reference manuals (PDF Book)
    Create current set with "make html2pdfdoccomplete" in GRASS 6.3+

Sample Datasets

Further Reading

  • Teaching materials contributed by the community.
    (Tutorials, courseware, training videos, etc.)

Migration from other GIS Software

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Misc. Help

  • Wiki Help (how to edit pages after registration)