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  • Tutorials by Yann Chemin: One document of small tutorials to get started in GRASS GIS and GRASS integration with QGIS.
    • [1] (LaTeX, Updated 20 May 2007), covering:
      • QGIS introduction
      • QGIS GRASS plugin
      • GRASS GIS introduction
      • GRASS GIS DEM manipulations
      • GRASS GIS habitat analysis exercise
      • GRASS GIS scripting example for habitat exercise is provided in Appendix B

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People want to upload their course material including PDFs, slide presentations, Flash tutorial movies, course material, lecture notes, etc. Because this wiki only supports text and simple graphics files, we have to find a solution to enable password controlled upload of large files. For this reason it is necessary to provide a dedicated general Free-GIS education server to support GRASS and Free GIS teaching and education efforts. For now contact the grass-dev mailing list if you want something uploaded.

From our point of view a natural home for Free-GIS-Edu documentation, video tutorials, presentations, PDFs, etc. could be: