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European Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, July 18-22, 2017, Paris, France,


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TGRASS: temporal data processing with GRASS GIS

by Veronica Andreo from University of Twente, Luca Delucchi from Fondazione Edmund Mach, Markus Neteler from mundialis GmbH & Co. KG

GRASS GIS is a Free and Open Source geographic information system (GIS) with support for raster, 3D raster and vector data processing. It provides more than 450 core modules, plus hundreds of Add-ons, to run any kind of geographical analysis. GRASS GIS offers a useful graphical interface to work as in any other desktop software. However, the highest power of GRASS GIS resides in that it can be used also like a backend tool to run analysis in an automatic way, not only a personal computer, but also into HPC systems or via web services (WPS or scripting in several languages). The workshop will show the basics about GRASS GIS, it will be an intuitive mix of theoretical and hands-on sections. In the former, we will introduce the participants to some specific concepts of GRASS GIS, like its database structure, location, mapset and region and will show how simple the approach really is. During the hands-on part, the participants will learn how to use common geographical data formats in GRASS GIS, starting from simple actions like adding data into the GRASS GIS environment and displaying it. Finally, the participants will run simple analyses like map algebra calculations for raster maps and vector buffering and visualize and export the results.

Code Sprint

General information and sign up is here: