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GRASS 6.2.x feature plan

There is the release branch for 6.2.x, see details at CVS: tags and branches. A release branch is considered as "frozen", only bugfixes can be done.

GRASS 6.2.0

In general 6.2 does not deviate too much from the 6.1.0 to avoid a major delay.


(never released)

  • unlimited number of raster map (r.patch, r.series etc) (Glynn)
  • several MinGW fixes for native MS-Windows support (Glynn)
  • several fixes for MS-Windows/Cygwin support (Huidae)
  • no hardcoded ARCH for Python-SWIG (Markus)
  • vector/lidar: added missing includes (Markus)
  • g.region b>t bug fixed (Martin)
  • GRASS_PAGER (Glynn)
  • r.mapcalc rand() (Glynn)
  • tcl i18n install fix (Markus)
  • LOCALE awk fixes to some scripts (Markus)
  • SUN compilation fixes (Glynn)
  • user docs fixes (Maciek)
  • r.bilinear: Read/write maps as DCELL; Remove +0.5 from result (Glynn)
  • NVIZ height update to avoid scene jump (Bob)
  • Add the new v.lidar.* tools (needed for FOSS4G2006) (Roberto A. + Markus)
  • lidar and simwe compilation issues on MacOSX fixed (William)
  • Makefile cleanup for extra libraries (lidar, simwe, lrs) (Glynn + Markus)
  • keywords backported from 6.3-CVS (Markus)
  • renamed dbmi driver html files to include 'grass-' to avoid package conflicts (Markus)

Beta 1

  • v.digit: split icons into two rows for 800x600 screens (backport) (Michael, Hamish)
  • gis.m fixes (Michael)
  • v.proj: treat z as ellipsoidal height (Paul)

Beta 2

  • g.proj compile fix (Markus)
  • NVIZ: Tk8.5 fix (Markus)

Beta 3

  • docs improvements (Eric, Trevor, Moritz, Michael)
  • v.digit cosmetics (Hamish)
  • v.outlier: parameter fix (markus)
  • NVIZ: off-screen rendering fix for broken openGL drivers
  • grass-xterm-wrapper: simplified for broken gnome-terminal (markus)
  • rename v.bspline to for consistency
  • further gis.m fixes (moritz, michael, cho)
  • d.barscale segfault fix (hamish)
  • d.grid segfault fix (hamish)
  • d.graph segfault fix (hamish)
  • r.buffer, r.what: docs fixes (hamish)
  • added v.centroids and v.dissolve scripts (hamish)
  • Czech translation updated (Martin)
  • nviz: off-screen fixes (Glynn)


  • d.vect.thematic -s fixes (michael)
  • Vietnamese translation (Bui Huu Manh)
  • reverted Pbuffer changes in NVIZ (Brad)
  • projection codes updated to EPSG 6.11 (Markus)
  • g.region zoom= off by one error (Glynn)
  • fix hardcoded Helvetica tcl fonts to a single file setting (in $GISBASE/etc/gtcltk/options.tcl) (michael)


  • r.random on MacOSX (Glynn)
  • document improvements (various)
  • check valid output filename (Brad)
  • various r.le fixes (Hamish)
  • MinGW fix (Radim)


  • r.le.setup fixes (Glynn, Hamish)
  • default color map range (bug #5212) (Glynn)
  • fix v.digit/toolbox.tcl for tcl8.3 (Hamish)
  • update to EPSG 6.11.1 (Markus)
  • close GRASS after creating new location from file (Markus)
  • Fine tune intro text when launching GRASS in text mode (Paul)
  • gis.m zooming in mapcanvas.tcl (Michael)
  • missing Polish EPSG codes
  • initial Arabic translation (Alaa Masoud)

Final 6.2.0

(released 31 Oct 2006)

  • continued Polish translation (Artur Niescior)
  • r.watershed slowliness due to long color tables (C. Ehlschlaeger)
  • gis.m broken for Tcl/Tk 8.3 (Hamish, Michael)
  • test gis.m
  • write impressive press release (best done in CVS Web)
    • also prepare the short abstract version.
    • HB: I did some work on this the other day, of course it can always be better!



(released 6 Dec. 2006)


  • gis.m fixes for geo rectifier (Michael)
  • gis.m zoom fixes (Michael)
  • install of include files problem on Solaris (Glynn)
  • Handle non-standard ETRS_1989 datum name (Paul)
  • d.histogram: clear just the current frame, not the full screen (Hamish)
  • fix subgroup listing (Hamish)
  • broken for named paper sizes (Hamish, Glynn)
  • gis.m: meaningful error messages on startup (Michael)
  • fix SQL where= option error (Hamish)
  • Add module
  • crash with gcc4.1.x and non-C locale (Andrey Kiselev)
  • with where="condition" it copies the entire attribute table (Martin)

Final 6.2.1

(released 12 Dec. 2006)

(to be changed to 6.2.1 diffs? HB: can we have both? include binary file changes? [diff -a?])


  • d.frame: bugfix: make -l list map names flag work (Hamish)
  • Latvian translation update: Maris Nartiss

press release (abstract)


This version has been released


(released 29 May 2007)

Bug fixes:

  • DB bug, fixed (Radim)
  • DBMI/SQL parser: added missing TIME support (Markus)
  • DBF Driver: add missing SQL TIME support (Markus)
  • r.proj bilinear: Fix interpolation expression (row/column were swapped) (Glynn)
old version vs. new version
  • r.profile: Allow data from stdin (Hamish)
  • r.profile: Die if coordinate request outsite current region settings, was reporting bogus data (Hamish)
  • Slovakia Hermannskogel datum (bug #5396) (Jaro Hofierka/Dr. Klobusiak/Martin)
  • Fix landscape mode. Fix map scaling when map projection is not measured in meters (Hamish)
  • r.tileset: Fix break due to platform specific units parsing; Requires Bash (Hamish)
  • two bugs: #4247 #4249 (MartinL)
  • d.vect.thematic: remove Bashisms (Daniel)
  • lib/gis: backport false easting/northing test (Markus, Paul)
  • d.vect: display also nodes in topo mode (Markus)
  • g.mremove: work also in gis.m (Hamish)
  • r.flow: 3d length fix; 64bit segfault fix (Helena, Brad, Glynn)
  • honour -s flag for 2-byte and 4-byte data (Glynn)
  • r.reclass.area: don't leave clump file behind (Markus)
  • scripts/: various fixes backported (Markus)
  • add additional vertex if necessary to ensure line segments don't exceed 180 degrees longitude (Glynn)
  • backported fixes for RT bug #4459 and [grass-code I][#301] (Markus)
  • fix compactness formula parentheses to match actual formula
  • d.labels: backport rotation fixes (Hamish)
  • r.contour: fix segfault (Martin)
  • skip blank lines, (std mode) error on broken header info (Hamish)
  • v.what: fix for multiple input coords (Hamish)
  • sqlite driver: 'date' support (Markus), views support (Moritz), field size fix to avoid v.digit form crash (Markus)
  • NVIZ: volume problem (test with slovakia3d dataset) bug #4725 (Bob)
Still some NVIZ volume segfaults remain?


  • r.reclass.area: label support added (Markus)
  • GUI startup: backport Michael's new EPSG code search tool (Hamish)
  • Backport various GIS.m GUI enhancements from Michael (Hamish)
Clickable GUI buttons; More robust error handling; Main window cosmetics; Fix "lwidth" bug; Typos
  • v.dissolve: dissolve common boundaries by attribute (Markus)
  • r.distance null distance for area in area (-o) (Jachym)


(released 16 July 2007)

Fixed post-RC1
  • DBF driver: fix semicolon problem (Glynn Clements)
  • SQLite transactions to speed up execute (Antonio Galea)
  • SQLite: don't crash with SQLITE_NULL (Markus Neteler)
  • GUI startup: fixes browsing for EPSG file not updating path to it (Maris Nartiss)
  • GUI startup: fixes browsing for new location path (Maris Nartiss)
  • nviz compilation fix for MacOSX (Markus Neteler)
  • remove bashisms (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.median: fix broken internal r.stats call (Markus Neteler)
  • v.db.addtable: fixed error treatment when wrong SQL types were defined (Markus Neteler)
  • v.dissolve: fix for DBMI error if input map is specified with @mapset (Markus Neteler)
  • Czech translation updated (Jachym Cepicky)
  • portablity fixes (so it works with a Mac) (Hamish Bowman)
  • fixed format incompatibility with current GNS format (Artur Wroblewski)
  • v.lrs.* fixes backported + new documentation (Markus Neteler)



released 21 Oct 2007

Bug fixes:

  • gis.m: georectifier tool documented (Markus Neteler)
  • r.out.bin: fixed too short buffer which would sometimes crash R-GRASS interface (Roger Bivand)
  • v.db.update: backported fixes for numeric value types (Debian #434897) (Markus Neteler)
  • GUI crash of g.region with accented characters (non English locale) (Maris Nartis, Hamish Bowman)
  • gis.m: maptool crash fixed (Moritz Lennert)
  • silently ignore --quiet and --verbose command line switches (Hamish Bowman)
  • remove incompatible --quiet switch (Scott Mitchell)
  • Fix x,y reporting; add z; various improvements (Maciej Sieczka)


released 27 Nov 2007

Bug fixes:

  • MAN pages: don't fail if MAN is compressed (D. Stoecker/
  • PG DBMI driver: PG_TYPE_POSTGIS_GEOM and views backported (Markus Neteler)
  • Problem compiling with ffmpeg (bug #518) (Glynn Clements)
  • Backported translations from 6.3.cvs for 6.2.3 release (Carlos Davila)
  • r.los: Various fixes (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.mapcalculator: Replace UTF-8 encoded NBSP characters with normal ASCII spaces (Glynn Clements)
  • don't crash on ' map.reclass' (Markus Neteler)
  • Don't segfault if SQL query is malformed, or with EPS vpoints (Hamish Bowman)
  • r.coin,, more precise conversions for square miles, feet, and acres (Hamish Bowman)
  • Update to EPSG 6.13 (Markus Neteler)
  • OFTDate, OFTTime and OFTDateTime backported (Markus Neteler)


not yet released

Bug fixes:

  • ...


  • db.login: also interactively query password (Markus Neteler)
  • Further investigate NVIZ raster volume segfaults.
  • Finally fix v.buffer bugs

Final details:

  • Update cron scripts so cvs snapshot patch set diff.gz is vs. 6.2.3.
  • Generate inter-release ChangeLog:
gzip -d ChangeLog_6.2.3.gz
cp ChangeLog_6.2.2 ChangeLog_6.2.1-6.2.2
vi ChangeLog_6.2.1-6.2.2
# /6.2.2 release
# j (down a line)
# 50000dd
# :wq
gzip ChangeLog_6.2.1-6.2.2
then move ChangeLog_6.2.1-6.2.2.gz to web/grass62/source/


Bug fixes:

  • NVIZ: fix Max Res PPM for offscreen rendering (Glynn)
6.2 branch currently defaults to working onscreen rendering, so not release-critical


  • r.out.gdal region sensitive (backport new r.out.gdal from CVS HEAD?)
-- We can just take enhanced shell version from CVS HEAD ( --Jachym 10:00, 12 March 2007 (CET)
-- IMO r.out.gdal should remain shell script version in 6.2.x, but be updated to be the most modern version of that we have. Leave the C version to 6.3+. --Hamish, 23 Apr 2007


  • 6.2.0beta1 released 28 August 2006
  • 6.2.0beta2 released 30 August 2006
  • 6.2.0beta3 released 18 September 2006
  • 6.2.0RC1 released 26 September 2006
  • 6.2.0RC2 released 6 October 2006
  • 6.2.0RC3 released 24 October 2006
  • 6.2.0 released 31 October 2006
  • 6.2.1 released 12 December 2006
  • 6.2.2RC1 released 29 May 2007
  • 6.2.2 released 16 Jul 2007
  • 6.2.3RC1 released 21 Oct 2007