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Accepted Google Summer of Code 2024 project.

Student Name: Kriti Birda
Organization: OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation
Mentor Name: Corey White and Vaclav Petras
Title: Add JSON output to different GRASS tools in C
At the moment, most of the tools in Grass have custom human readable outputs in plain text. Some of these modules could benefit from storing their output in a portable and commonly used data format. The aim of my project is to use the parson library in various tools so that they can produce JSON outputs. The addition of JSON as an output format will be accompanied with addition of Python test cases to verify the output works as intended and to avoid regressions in future. An option to specify the desired output format (plain or JSON) will also be added to each of the tools updated. The layout of the JSON format will be discussed with mentors prior to implementation and will be optimized towards easy ingestion with Pandas.

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