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Migration task list

The GRASS GIS project infrastructure is described in the infrastructure document.


Migration of GForge/RT bugtracker to OSGeo Trac

Task manager: Maciej Sieczka, Howard Butler, Martin Landa

  • Description: SVN hosting
  • Date: end of Nov 2007 (needs to be done in 2007)
  • Task 1: migrate GForge bugs to trac (how?)
  • Task 2: migrate old RT bugs to trac (how?)
  • Status: open
Useful links

Cron job Migration

All cronjobs run weekly (Saturday).


--HB: If it does no harm to offer it separate, it's a nice service to the community. Its existance needs to be better advertised otherwise it will not be used.
-MN it harms because it's extra work
  • rsync Intevation CVS to (no need to keep after migration)
-MN_ or implement as SVN rsync to somewhere else


  • -> outdated? keep?
--HB: My vote is to stop, nothing is being backported to the 6.0.x release branch. Replace with instructions on how to extract 6.0.x from SVN.
-MN agreed


(all to be changed to SVN server after migration) - generated on

  • PDFs: done
  • HTML: done
  • Stable weekly snapshots:
  • Unstable weekly snapshots:
    • done
    • (Linux only for now) done
  • User map for web site hosted at GDF Hannover. done
  • Web pages is now master site, also for rsync -> will become obsolete, once the Drupal migration is done
  • Suggestion: Maintain all cronjob scripts in OSGeo SVN repository for easy maintenance (but manually copy into cron space for security reasons). See
  • Date: Dec 2007
  • Status: partially open

Search engine Migration

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Wolf Bergenheim, OSGeo-SAC

  • Was htdig based on, due to Apache rewrite engine new aren't picked up. disabled.
  • Google, Yahoo etc. need time to re-fetch the archive
  • Mailman archives at are slightly shifted in email reference number since the archives have been recreated
  • TODO: verify with OSGeo how to search lists
install htdig -
  • TODO: decides how to archive 'grass-commit' (OSGeo-SAC decided to not migrate archive)
  • Date: Dec 2007
  • Status: open

Web Migration to Drupal

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Wolf Bergenheim

See Web Migration to Drupal


Migration of Mailman lists

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Frank Warmerdam

  • Description: move of all Mailman lists to
  • Date: 15 Nov 2007
  • Note 1: some lists have been renamed for consistency
  • Note 2: the old list addresses still work and are auto-fwd'ed to the new list addresses
  • Note 3: the archives are redirected to through Apache Rewrite engine
  • Status: done

Special Note for weblist: The list is open to submit Web site comments but spam prone. Due to the lack of spam filter on the OSGeo site, it is now configured as follows:

 User -> weblist at grass -> /etc/aliases -> 
         -> (for Spam filtering) -> FWD -> 
           -> grass-web at lists

Source code repository migration to OSGeo SVN

Migration from CVS to OSGeo SVN

Task manager: Martin Landa, Howard Butler

  • Description: SVN hosting
  • Implementation: Migration from CVS to SVN
  • Date: end of Nov 2007 (needs to be done in 2007)
  • Requirements: Developers need to get all of their commits in CVS done by 13:00 UTC Sunday 9 December 2007. Then we migrate during the weekend. The new SVN at will open 5-10 hours later.
see mailing list post [GRASS-dev] CVS write access shutdown on Sunday for migration to SVN by Markus Neteler - 8 Dec 2007
  • Status: done

Migration from GRASS Addons SVN to OSGeo SVN

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Martin Landa, Howard Butler

  • Description: Server change
  • Date: end of Nov 2007 (needs to be done in 2007)
  • Task: SVN dump at (done via rsync), then import at
  • Implementation: Migration from CVS to SVN
  • Status: done

Developer's TODO: get your "osgeo_id"

Detailed migration plan

  1. At least 24 hours notice will be provided in GRASS-dev mailing list before the transition starts to allow committers to commit any outstanding work that is ready to into the repository. (DONE)
  2. Before the conversion starts, the GRASS CVS SSH daemon will be stopped (at 13 UTC, 9 Dec 2007; notification DONE), and archived again (DONE: rsync on josef and to avoid any confusion.
  3. also GRASS Addons SVN write access is removed (DONE)
  4. The conversion will be done by Martin Landa using the cvs2svn tool, see Migration from CVS to SVN for details. DONE
  5. SVN dump transfer to (DONE)
    1. LDAP groups:
      1. grass/ - main source code repository (grass5, grass6, ...) | LDAP group: "grass"
      2. grass-addons/ - controlled sandbox | LDAP group: "grass-addons"
      3. grass-web/ - web stuff, to be migrated to Drupal in 2008 | LDAP group: "grass"
      4. extra LDAP group for translators: "grass-translators" (only needed in 2008, to path grass/trunk/locale/)
  6. The source access information (contributors.csv) will be updated in the documentation; the web pages as well.
  7. Committers will need to get a login on (see above; all have been personally informed) and notify Markus Neteler to regain commit access to SVN (managed here). Committer access on the new repository will be enabled after the above changes are all complete and after email agreement of each committer to RFC2 (legal aspects) was sent to Markus. File 'contributors.csv' keeps track on that. Any enabled GRASS developer can activate new 'osgeo_id's following the PSC procedure. (partially DONE)

Web Migration to

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Wolf Bergenheim

  • make first site for Web-CVS update and rsync mirrors
  • Date: Jan 2008
  • Status: closed, runs on

Wiki Migration

Task manager: Markus Neteler, Martin Landa

  • Description: Migration of GDF Mediawiki to OSGeo Mediawiki (incl. version update)
    • An upgrade of MediaWiki version would allow use of reCaptcha plugin, for better spamproofing

Web statistics Migration

Task manager: Markus Neteler

  • we have server statistics (apache logs) from 2002 onwards for (the server delivered 6.73 Tb so far which is underestimated due to some lacking log data [Note specific to the server, does not include downloads from mirrors, distros])
  • needs server statistics (running on = San Diego)
  • Date: Dec 2007
  • Status: Done