PSC Meeting 2024-06-14

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This is a special PSC meeting during the Community Meeting in Prague.


  • Anna Petrasova
  • Vaclav Petras
  • Veronica Andreo
  • Helmut Kudrnovsky
  • Markus Neteler
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Huidae Cho
  • Michael Barton


The topics proposed are:

  • Define PSC elections date-period
  • Define whose seats are up for election
  • Define voters and who creates the list


  • We decided to start the elections process, i.e. nominations, presentation of candidates and elections per se, by mid September, 2024.
  • Seats up for elections are those of:
    • Michael Barton
    • Martin Landa
    • Helena Mitasova
    • Helmut Kudrnovsky
  • Voters should be recognized contributors, including people with merged pull requests in all GRASS repositories, translators in Weblate (and Transifex), people doing GRASS packaging, contributors to QGIS-GRASS and R-GRASS interfaces.
  • We will create a unified list of voters and share it with the community, calling people to sign in if they think they should be included too.
  • The time frame to define voters coincides with the current PSC mandate starting date, so we will only consider contributors since January 2021. Alternatively we can extend that to the previous PSC mandate period.
  • We will make a call to the community announcing the upcoming elections and inviting them to contribute so they are eligible to vote.
  • Anyone from the broad community can nominate and be nominated and we will also encourage self-nominations.

Motions approved

  • The nominations process to PSC elections will start by mid September and elections will take place around one month later. Specific dates will be defined by the CRO.
  • Voters will be recognized contributors. These will be timely specified before the elections.
  • Anyone from the broad community can be elected and we encourage self-nominations.