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Move to Trac Wiki, here are mostly ideas and some data description should be rather part of the dataset or its download page.

Most of GRASS's tutorials and help page examples are built around two sample datasets. You can download them from the GRASS website (or a local mirror)

  • Spearfish, South Dakota - this dataset has been with GRASS for many years.

If you would like to experiment with some local data, have a look at the Global datasets wiki page.

Ideas for new datasets

Data organization

  • provided as separate MAPSETS that can be inserted into nc_spm_08 or gisdemo_ncspm
  • each MAPSET will have at least one example of application

Proposed new MAPSETS

New MAPSET Time_series_coast

  • Coastal lidar point clouds, 1m res DEMs, 15 years in 10-15 snapshots, plus 1974 DEM for Jockey's Ridge,

aerial photos starting in 1936. The data set is rather complex with variable spatial coverage and time step, (see the description) but should be useful for testing and teaching more complex analyses.

  • mapset that includes DEMs and orthos for Jockey's ridge

  • to keep the mapset at reasonable size the raw x,y,z point clouds

are packaged separately, they can be imported with or

  • reference location for North Carolina with projection information (nc_spm_08 can also be used)

  • "Getting started" with this data set assignment

(I will add a space-time cube practice soon).

New MAPSET Landuse_img

New MAPSET Time_series_census

this may take more time to prepare

data are available for 1970,80,90,2000,2010

combine with election districts?


  • Clean up and provide nc_ll, nc_utm, nc_spf for testing projections

EXTERNAL data sets for testing external data formats

Anything else from here?

LAS, e.g. (25MB, California)