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Organizing Team

  • Initial planning: Vaclav Petras, Veronica Andreo, Markus Neteler, Anna Petrasova, Martin Landa, Helmut Kudrnovsky, Helena Mitasova
  • Budget: Vaclav Petras, Anna Petrasova, Markus Neteler, Veronica Andreo, Helena Mitasova
  • Raising support: Vaclav Petras, Veronica Andreo, Markus Neteler, Helmut Kudrnovsky, Anna Petrasova
  • Reimbursements: Vaclav Petras
  • Venue: Vaclav Petras
  • Meals: Caitlin Haedrich, Alen Mangafić, Martin Landa, Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, Ondrej Pesek, Veronica Andreo
  • Agenda: Veronica Andreo, Anna Petrasova
  • Wiki page: Vaclav Petras, Veronica Andreo, Martin Landa
  • Virtual participant support: Veronica Andreo
  • T-shirts, hoodies, stickers: Vaclav Petras, Veronica Andreo
  • Promotion, invitations, and social media: Caitlin Haedrich, Veronica Andreo, Vaclav Petras
  • Photography: Caitlin Haedrich, Helmut Kudrnovsky

Tasks for participants

  • Create section for you in the Reports section.
  • List all the things you are working on in the section. Update the list each day. Include things you work on with other people.
  • If you are or will be working on an issue or on a PR which is not originally submitted by you, assign yourself to the issue or PR. (You can unassign yourself later if you change your mind.)


Per-person reports from the meeting (one === Name === section per participant.)

Floris Vanderhaeghe

  • Make maintenance pull requests PR #90 and PR #91 to support future contributors of the R package rgrass.
  • Test the standalone GDAL-GRASS driver in R and create issues #46, #47, #48 and #49 in its code repository, with help of Markus Neteler.
  • Implement the GDAL-GRASS driver in the read_VECT() function of R package rgrass, as well as some associated enhancements. See PR #93.
  • Make an issue, with the help of Helmut Kudrnovsky and Veronica Andreo, about launching R in the OSGeo4W shell independently of GRASS GIS.
  • Help sorting out a few issues in the repository of R package rgrass.
  • Point at the PROJJSON specification in support of GRASS GIS issue #3020.
  • Participate in the GRASS GIS roadmap discussion on Saturday.
  • Participate in the discussion on interfacing GRASS GIS from QGIS. See meeting minutes.

Markus Neteler

Veronica Andreo

  • Discuss tutorial topics with Alen
  • Reviewed and tested contributions by the Google Summer of Code student working on EODAG integration.
  • Reviewed and tested other PRs: temporal framework, tutorial on GRASS usage within Jupyter on Windows, upcoming t.stac addon, among others.
  • Participated in the PSC meeting to define elections date and other election related issues. See PSC_Meeting_2024-06-14.
  • Compiled the raw list of contributors since Dec 2020, to create the list of voters, as discussed during the PSC meeting.
  • Set up a swag shop in RedBubble and added designs with color and white logos. Yet not published as payment details need to be configured with OSGeo treasurer (to be done in July-August).
  • Participated of the roadmap discussion session - Roadmap will be re-worded and published in the website.
  • Participated of the documentation discussion session.
  • Participated of the call with Nyall Dawson about improving GRASS-QGIS integration.
  • Worked with Markus on the highlights for the RC1 release notes.
  • Assisted Caitlin with social media posting, reviewed posts and setting up Publer and Buffer services suggested by Markus to streamline posting in various channels.
  • Discussed and tested Floris' gdal-grass driver implementation in rgrass package.
  • Went through grass-website issues, closed some, pinged in others and changed hugo version in the website PR.

Alen Mangafić

  • Discuss tutorial with Veronica and Vaclav.
  • Setting up the environment for the tutorial with Ondřej and Corey, resulting in a process to build a Docker container with the main branch and it's kernel connection to Jupyter Lab.
  • Writing a Jupyter Lab framework which works. Helped by Vaclav with locating the "GISENV" location bug.
  • Data preparation: correction the point clouds to match correct Global Encoding value of a LAS 1.4 file with PDRF 6 - 10 is 17 (16 + 1); CRS definition.
  • Testing and drafting the workflow in GUI.
  • Found a and reported a bug about how handles the number of returns (#3827).
  • Built a micromamba python environment for grass scripting with point cloud visualization with help of Edouard.
  • Writing the tutorial.

Corey White

  • Discussed and reviewed PRs for Google Summer of Code json and jupyter notebook projects.
  • Helped setting up Docker environment for GRASS GIS and Jupyter Lab.
  • Working on t.stac.* addon. (PR
  • Opened PR for new point pattern analysis tool v.paa (
  • Participated in the roadmap discussion session.
  • Participated in the documentation discussion session.
  • Lead website discussion session.

Luís de Sousa

Anna Petrasova

  • Participated in the PSC meeting to define elections date and other elections related issues. See PSC_Meeting_2024-06-14.
  • Discussed and reviewed PR for Google Summer of Code jupyter notebook projects.
  • Reviewing PR (Cross-validation OpenMP support, PR #3590)
  • Tasked Caitlin to show layer controller in grass.jupyter.InteractiveMap by default, defined implementation, reviewed her PR (#3880)
  • Solving conflict and reviewing PR #2481
  • Testing and reviewing r.texture PR #3857, running benchmarks on laptop and desktop.
  • Participated in QGIS discussion, put together meeting minutes:
  • Participated in the roadmap discussion session.
  • Participated in the documentation discussion session.
  • Restructured by moving out Github workflow into separate file
  • Led GSoC students presentations.
  • Participated in discussion about parallelization with Luis and Vashek, Caitlin and others
  • Worked with Markus to create a repo for addon template

Chung-Yuan Liang

  • Refactored r.texture and updated tests (PR #3785, #3786).
  • Parallelized r.texture and provided benchmarks.
  • Revised PR (Cross-validation OpenMP support, PR #3590).
  • Enabled Python benchmark module to plot speedup and efficiency (PR #3835).
  • Parallelized r.horizon and provided benchmarks. (PR #3890)
  • Discussed details of parallelizing modules with Vashek and Anna.

Caitlin Haedrich

  • Discussed GRASS, Jupyter and Windows with Helli
  • Wrote tutorial for using OSGeo4W to set up Jupyter Lab in Notebooks - PR
  • Set up Publer account for social media management, compared with Buffer
  • Took pictures and posted 2x daily to social media
  • Added Layer Control by default to grass.jupyter.InteractiveMap() - PR
  • Reviewed all GRASS GIS online profiled and compiled list that need updating (report in progress)

Edouard Choinière

  • Discussion with Vaclav Petras on current state of python packaging, build, and testing framework and coverage, Windows porting improvements, and future plans. Planning for the week. Lead to PRs addressing Windows blockers: #3850 and #3853, which I tested on my fork combined with my changes highlighting the bugs.
  • Reviewing of PRs, managing CI during the sprint (restarting transient failures, finding inefficiencies, queueing jobs before and after active periods).
  • Maintaining code quality CI and pre-commit. Example: Flake8 fails with Python 3.12 in pre-commit, as it is way outdated, harming contributions of the sprint's participants. Bumping to a new version has other failures and dependent changes needed. Related PRs include: #3808, #3831, #3833, #3840, #3814, #3799, #3834, #3815, #3820, #3818, #3813, #3855, #3817, #3812, #3859, #3860, #3861, #3841
  • Help Markus debugging Dockerfile builds. Reviewed docker-related PRs, improved docker builds, upgrade base images. (PRs: #3802, #3807, #3810, #3828, #3819, #3830, #3797, #3787, #3773, #3822, #3728)
  • Helped multiple times Alen Mangafić with usage and building custom Docker images with different versions of PDAL.
  • Designing and drafting the integration of docker build caching to improve build times whilst keeping risk of using cached old dependencies. #3821
  • With Vaclav Petras: reviewing backportable PRs, and designing the requirements and it's implementation of a automated backport solution with GitHub actions. Prioritized to work on the implementation after the sprint, as other features affecting productivity during the sprint should be worked on. Edit: implementation started on a branch of my fork
  • With Vaclav Petras: Discussing release notes generation improvements, deciding on new labels and classification, adjusting and improving titles regexes. Designed a process to validate PR that PR titles are classified correctly automatically, to greatly simplify future releases. This lead to Vaclav creating the validation function in PR #3824. Implementation of validation workflow on PR creation and title changes will follow. PRs related to these decisions also include: #3823, #3829
  • Clarifying our supported languages standard support with Vaclav Petras and when changes should be made, leading to reduction of C/C++ CI usage in #3846. Postponed checking of newer C++23 until Ubuntu 24.04 builds with newest GCC toolchain are included in CI.
  • Helping Alen Mangafić with a local build to run alongside jupyter and conda environment.
  • Reviewing Chung-Yuan Liang's PR, then assisting him multiple times with git operations, argparse, and unittest-related problems when programming. Sample of resulting PRs: #3835
  • Review and ajust repository's configuration to prevent some noticed problems, including pull request title/commit details (with Markus) and ruleset permissions related to branch creation (with Vaclav).
  • PR title validation workflow implemented: #3877
  • Debug and investigate pytest timeout failures of #3879 that that same PR was supposed to prevent. The most probable explanation requires changing the multiprocessing startup method from fork to spawn, that also requires the code to be pickle-able. Alternative solution to avoid this requires changes of blocked and unmerged PRs that I worked to unblock. Unblocking these is also required to run pytest on macOS and Windows, and for a future python 3.14 on Linux too.
  • Finish debugging porting Travis CI to Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) to unblock other PRs. Needed to fix some errors from -Wdeprecated-non-prototype to make Travis pass with the new -Werror flag. PR: #3002
  • Windows test failures due to external web content used for g.extension tests not being available for 8.5 on winGRASS yet. #3893

Vaclav Petras

  • PR reviews (a lot - 45 PRs), especially for tool parallelization, JSON outputs, code quality
  • Participated in discussions: project roadmap, interfacing with QGIS, website, parallelization (including default number of cores used), continuous integration (CI), and testing
  • PRs for contributor documentation, release notes, and automation (8 PRs)
  • Work on RC1 (version updates, release notes, coordination)
  • Reviews of social media post co-authored with the NC State European Center (venue).
  • Venue organizing and hosting

Ondřej Pešek

Martin Landa

  • work on docs migration from HTML to Markdown: #3849
  • GRASS_CONFIG_DIR (together with Ivan Mincik): #3899
  • PR reviews

Ivan Mincik

  • GRASS GIS in Geospatial NIX
  • GRASS_CONFIG_DIR (together with Martin Landa): #3899

Linda Karlovska

  • work on the History panel - new mechanism for command ordering, optimization of node refreshes, bigger refactoring: #3896

Helmut Kudrnovsky

  • Participated in the PSC meeting to define elections date and other elections related issues. See PSC_Meeting_2024-06-14.
  • Discussing GRASS, Jupyter and Windows with Caitlin
  • Make an issue, together with Floris Vanderhaeghe and Veronica Andreo, about launching R in the OSGeo4W shell independently of GRASS GIS.