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HOWTO: Testing the GRASS 6 and QGIS installations

Preamble: We assume that GRASS/QGIS/GDAL/PROJ4 and GDAL-OGR-GRASS-plugin etc have been successfully installed.

UTM Tests

1. Extract the Spearfish sample data set for GRASS:

	mkdir $HOME/grassdata
	tar xvfz spearfish_grass60data.tar.gz

2. Start GRASS with Spearfish location:

	grass63 $HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1

Should enter GRASS, leave with exit. Worked? Fine.

3. Start GRASS with Spearfish location, but graphical login:

	grass63 -gui
        -> now the GUI should open
        -> click "help" button, close help window
        -> Click "Enter GRASS" button 
		-> should enter GRASS
		-> GIS manager should open

		Click in GIS manager on "Add raster" button,
		click on word "raster" which appeared in the canvas,
		select "Raster name" button, select map "elevation.dem",
                click "ok", map name should appear in canvas,
		click on "world map" button: should open GRASS monitor
		and show elevation map.

Worked? Fine. Put aside the GIS manager.

4. QGIS Tests within GRASS - enter into the GRASS terminal:

	-> Go menu "Plugins, Pluginmanager, activate
		- GRASS plugin,	OK button

	-> a set of new buttons should appear
	-> click "Add GRASS raster layer" button, select "elevation.dem" map
	-> click "Add GRASS raster layer" button, select "aspect map"
	-> click right mouse button in legend on "aspect" map, move transparency
	   to 40%
	-> click "Add GRASS vector layer" button, select "roads map", select
		layer "1-line" (the "0-line" layer is not exciting), OK

Test with reading also external data into:

	->  click "Add raster layer" button,
		load "spearfish_landsat7_NAD27_pan.img"
		or "spearfish_landsat7_NAD27_pan.tif" map. It should match the other
		layers (you will have to change the stacking order in the legend)

Questions (depends on QGIS version):

  • is the "Open GRASS tools" button present?
  • does the "printer" symbol open a nice "map composer" tool?


5. Testing the GDAL-OGR-GRASS plugin

	gdalinfo $HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/PERMANENT/cellhd/elevation.dem

Should output raster map metadata.

	ogrinfo -so $HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/PERMANENT/vector/roads/head 1

Should output vector map metadata.

Worked? Fine.

6. Testing OGR/GRASS operations:

  (data from http://mpa.itc.it/markus/mum3/)
	tar xvfz tiger2000_UTM13_nad27.tar.gz tiger2000_UTM13_nad27/tgr46081lkA_UTM13_nad27.*
	cd tiger2000_UTM13_nad27
	v.in.ogr tgr46081lkA_UTM13_nad27.shp out=tgr46081lkA_roads
	d.mon x0
	d.vect tgr46081lkA_roads
	d.vect roads col=red

Both maps should match. Worked? Fine.



LatLong Tests

  • Do similar tests for latitude-longitude databases. Test zooming in gis.m and other functions since the coordinates notation is different.

Thanks for testing. Complaints to GRASS Developers...