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This page is about support of OGC web map services (WMS) in GRASS GIS.

Metasites and collections of WMS servers

Italian Public administration WMS

Example for public administration data imported via WMS into wxGUI

City of Orbassano map

NASA's OnEarth WMS Example

Web_Map_Service (WMS) data can be downloaded and imported into GRASS using the r.in.wms module. Mini tutorial for downloading SRTM elevation and LANDSAT imagery from NASA's OnEarth WMS server.

Create a NZTM location (EPSG:2193) with the location wizard.

# Zoom to AKL region
g.region n=5936130 s=5900340 w=1740030 e=1776030 res=30

If downloading for your own area, try to keep the region rows and columns smaller than the maxrow,maxcol options given to r.in.wms. Please don't abuse the server, just download small chunks.

### Download and process SRTM elevation:

r.in.wms output=akl_srtm \
  mapserver="http://onearth.jpl.nasa.gov/wms.cgi" \
  -c layers=worldwind_dem format=geotiff style=short_int \
  maxcols=1600 maxrows=1600

g.rename akl_srtm.1,akl_srtm
r.colors akl_srtm color=srtm

### Download and process LANDSAT:

r.in.wms output=akl_landsat \
  mapserver="http://onearth.jpl.nasa.gov/wms.cgi" \
  -c layers=global_mosaic_base format=geotiff style=visual \
  maxcols=1600 maxrows=1600

i.landsat.rgb -p r=akl_landsat.red g=akl_landsat.green b=akl_landsat.blue
d.rgb r=akl_landsat.red g=akl_landsat.green b=akl_landsat.blue
r.composite r=akl_landsat.red g=akl_landsat.green b=akl_landsat.blue \
   output=akl_landsat --overwrite

### Shaeded relief map
r.shaded.relief akl_strm
d.shadedmap relief=akl_strm.shade drape=akl_landsat bright=70

### 3D view
nviz akl_srtm color=akl_landsat

In the NVIZ (or wxNviz) Visualization → Raster Surface menu set the fine raster grid size to 1. Set the vertical exaggeration to 1.0 or 2.0

MetaCarta WMS Example

Create a NZTM location (EPSG:4326) with the location wizard.

g.region n=90 s=-90 w=-180 e=180 res=0.5

r.in.wms -c output=map \
  mapserver="http://labs.metacarta.com/wms-c/Basic.py" \
  layers=basic format=geotiff \

OpenStreetMap WMS Example

Note: European coverage:

r.in.wms url=http://watzmann-geog.urz.uni-heidelberg.de/cached/osm layers=osm_auto:all output=osm format=png

r.in.wms url=http://irs.gis-lab.info layers=osm output=osm format=png

See also example in r.in.wms

List of Servers: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WMS

WMS support in GRASS 7