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  • AniMove is add-on software for analysis of animal movement and ranging behaviour using QGIS+GRASS+R.
    Authors: Support by Faunalia.it
  • v.transect.kia calculates kilometric abundance indexes (KIA), a common indirect presence index used in wildlife monitoring along line transect surveys. Path lengths can be corrected by draping on a DEM, different type of point objects can be weighted according to their relative importance, and paths can be segmented using a further polygon vector (to calculate, say, abundances per elevation range or per habitat class). The module is written in bash and needs a GRASS install compiled with sqlite support.
    Authors: Clara Tattoni and Damiano G. Preatoni

See also

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  • Preatoni, D.G., Tattoni, C., Bisi, F., Masseroni, E., D’Acunto, D., Lunardi, S., Grimod, I., Martinoli, A., Tosi, G., 2011. Open Source evaluation of kilometric indexes of abundance. Ecological Informatics In Press (DOI)