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Current status - Summary

The native windows port of GRASS GIS 7 has reached a stage where it can be considered for production. All main functions are functional, however, further testing and feedback is always welcome.

GRASS GIS 7 is the current development version of GRASS GIS. In total, more than 10,000 changes have been implemented so far with respect to GRASS GIS 6.4. The development was started in April 2008. Since then a lot of new features have been added to GRASS 7; until the official release becomes available, it is already possible to use GRASS GIS 7 through winGRASS 7 nightly snapshots.

The graphical user interface based on wxPython (introduced in GRASS GIS 6.4) has been enriched with many new features in order to make complex GIS operations available as simple as possible. The old Tcl/Tk based GUI has been dropped. Relevant new features are available in the core system, among the most important the new Python interface to the C library. This new feature permits Python developers to create new modules in a simple way while at the same time creating powerful and fast modules. Furthermore, the vector library was particularly improved to make it faster and more efficient with support of huge files. This required a easy to manage topology format update including a new spatial index. Finally, there are a series of new modules to analyse raster and vector data; some of the already existing modules were improved and made faster (some even 1000 x faster). For details see GRASS GIS 7 - New Features.

GRASS GIS 7 Addons

Most GRASS GIS 7 AddOns/GRASS 7 are available from the wxGUI extension manager (g.extension). It will download the nightly pre-built Addon executables (Status of winGRASS 7 Addons availability).

Script support

While all former shell scripts have been converted to Python (especially for portability reasons and speed), user shell scripts can still be used. The initialization scripts now also based on Python.

Compiling winGRASS 7 yourself

All the information needed for compiling yourself can be found in Compiling GRASS on MS-Windows

Known Issues

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