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Graphical Modeler is a GUI application which allows to create and manage complex models using easy-to-use interface. When performing analytical operations in GRASS, the operations are not isolated, but part of a chain of operations. Using Graphical Modeler, that chain of processes (ie. GRASS modules) can be wrapped into one process (ie. model). So it's easier to execute the model later with slightly different inputs or parameters.

Graphical Modeler is release under GNU GPL licence and the source is available from GRASS SVN repository.

See also manual page and wiki page for development issues.

The Graphical Modeler is available in GRASS 6.4.2+ from the Layer Manager menu File → Graphical modeler or from the toolbar .

In GRASS 7 the tool is also available from the command line as stand-alone application (g.gui.gmodeler).

Core features

The modeler currently allows to:

  • define actions (GRASS commands)
  • define data items (raster, vector, 3D raster)
  • define relations between data and action items
  • define loops (series), conditions
  • validate model
  • run model
  • store model settings to the file (GRASS Model File|*.gxm)
  • export model settings to Python script
  • export model to image


Video tutorials

Creating simple model
Define intermediate data
Model parametrization
Define variables
Start model with data item
Creating simple model in wxGUI Graphical Modeler
Start model with data, define relation manually
Creating model with series (loop) - static list of maps
Creating model with series (loop) - dynamic list of maps
Creating model which exports all GRASS vector maps from given mapset to PostGIS database
Creating model which exports all GRASS vector maps from given mapset to PostGIS database (including schema)

1) create schema with name of input mapset

2) copy vector maps from selected mapset to the current and stores their attributes in SQLite database

3) exports GRASS vector maps to the selected PostGIS database

WxGUI modeler - example of post-classification smoothing (remote sensing)
Python editor in wxGUI Graphical Modeler
Vector overlay, area calculation
Unsupervised classification performed using wxGUI Modeler

External links

Graphical modeller in action:

Other products:


wxGUI Graphical Modeler was developed by Martin Landa with institutional support of the Czech Technical University in Prague