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About the project


The GRASS GIS project is developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (the GPL) in the open by volunteers the world over.

GRASS differs from many other GIS software packages used in the professional world in that it is developed and distributed by users for users; mostly on a volunteer basis, in the open, and is given away for free.

Emphasis is placed on interoperability and unlimited access to data as well as software flexibility and evolution rate - both added features and bug minimization.

The GRASS Community and the Development Team

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

Getting Help

Mailing lists

  • The primary point of contact for GRASS GIS user help and development coordination is on the mailing lists. The answers to many questions you may have will probably already have been addressed and will be waiting for you in the mailing lists archives.
  • Because the mailing lists are so critical to the project's success, and support comes entirely from time-strapped volunteers and colleagues, we request some mailing list etiquette be followed.

IRC communication

IRC is live Internet Relay Chat. The GRASS project maintains a "chatroom" as well and if you are lucky there may be someone logged on who can give you a quick answer.


Programming support

Community resources

GRASS education (Free GIS education)

The GRASS education (Free GIS education) wiki site offers a start to collect links, text documents and small images. Furthermore it provides a discussion platform to develop and collect approaches, techniques, exercises and course structures for people giving GRASS and/or other Free GIS courses.

Promoting GRASS GIS


Seminars and Courses

  • Refer to your preferred Web search engine

GRASS GIS Addon modules

Project statistics