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General formats

Supported raster formats with and r.out.gdal:

gdalinfo --formats

Supported vector formats with and v.out.ogr

ogrinfo --formats

GIS formats or ogr2ogr to make a shapefile first?
See GRASS-News article: M. Neteler, 2005. SRTM and VMAP0 data in OGR and GRASS. GRASS Newsletter, Vol.3, pp 2-6, June 2005. PDF and erratum
for Electronic Nautical Charts (ENCs)
for Rasterized Nautical Charts (RNCs)

Databases and SQL




PostgreSQL and PostGIS


SQLite and SpatiaLite

Microsoft Access

Four possible ways to import .mdb:

  • via unixODBC driver (see above)
  • via mdb-sqlite - automated conversion of MS Access 2000 databases to SQLite on any platform
  • via GDAL/OGR:
  • via R-statistics
install.packages('Hmisc', dependencies=TRUE)

Satellite data

Global datasets

(see the Global datasets page)

GRASS's data formats

  • TODO: link to those here
For now see the Development pages

See also

Some hints can be found on these pages: